ASOS eGift


Product Description

We don’t do fashion like anyone else does fashion. Our ASOS Brands, created by our London design team, look between the lines to bring you the freshest clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts. When it comes to other brands at ASOS, we select the best of those too – so, guaranteed, you'll always get the biggest variety, most covetable exclusives and coolest collabs.

Redemption Instructions Step 1

Enter the 16 digit code into the ‘Gift Card/Voucher’ section on your ASOS account and click ‘Add’.
Once the gift voucher has been added to your account, it can’t be transferred to another account.

Step 2

When you want to buy something using your gift voucher, it will automatically appear when you reach the checkout. Just click ‘Redeem Voucher’. It may ask you to enter the 16 digit code before the order completes.

Step 3

To get to the final billing page, card details are always required. There's no need to save them to your account and as long as the Gift Voucher covers the entire cost of the order, you won't need to use the card. Should you choose to save the details, you won't be prompted to enter them every time you place an order.
If you're spending more than the value of your gift voucher, you'll need to pay the extra using another payment method in the usual way.
If you're spending less than the value of your gift voucher, the credit will stay on your account for you to spend later, but you'll need to spend it before the expiry date applicable to your country.

Just one more thing...please note, if you're shopping on our app, you won't be able to select Apple Pay if your gift voucher covers the whole value of your order - you'll need to provide your card details.

Terms And Conditions
  • We’re afraid we can’t accept any responsibility for stolen, lost or deleted gift vouchers. Make sure your recipient has received their gift voucher, as it is their responsibility to keep the gift voucher safe.
  • We advise you to lock your gift voucher to your ASOS account as soon as you can once you receive it to keep it safe. You can do this by logging into your ASOS account and visiting the “My Account” section and entering the code into the gift voucher section. The voucher will be waiting for you in checkout when you make your next purchase.
  • Once a gift voucher has been locked to an individual’s ASOS account, the gift voucher becomes their property and can be used as full or part payment for product/s on the ASOS Website.
  • After a gift voucher has been locked to an individual’s account, we reserve the right to refuse to discuss the gift voucher further with the individual who initially purchased it.
  • Gift vouchers can only be redeemed when you purchase your order in Great British Pounds (GBP).
  • Gift vouchers are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase and can be used across multiple orders. After 24 months, any remaining balance will be cancelled.
  • You may use more than one gift voucher on a single order.
  • Gift vouchers can be used in conjunction with other promotional and discount codes.
  • Gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase other gift vouchers and cannot be used on ASOS Marketplace.
  • If the value of your purchase is less than the value of the gift voucher, your spend will be deducted and the remaining balance can be redeemed when you next make a purchase. If your order exceeds the value of the gift voucher, you can pay the remaining balance using another payment method.
  • When you return or cancel an ASOS order and a gift voucher was used as full payment, your refund will be issued to you in gift vouchers (i.e. we will not refund money to you in these circumstances). There will be no monetary exchange for returned or cancelled orders made with gift vouchers.
  • When you part return or cancel an ASOS order and a gift voucher was used as part payment, the equivalent refund by way of money spent and gift vouchers will be issued to you in that order.
For full terms and conditions, please visit