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Tuck into Eating Out if you enjoy a foodie treat, whether it be a cosy meal for two, pizza and pasta for the whole family or a night out with chow and cocktails with friends or colleagues. Take a trip to the Short Breaks category for getaways to go, from luxury hotels to national chains, family friendly holiday parks in the UK and Europe, self-catering cottages and villas, flights, ferries and cruises. Put some fun in your diary with our Days Out and Nights Out. You'll find top UK theme parks and tourist attractions, zoos and sightseeing plus ways to pep up your evenings from bowling to theatre. Indulge in some retail therapy to enhance your leisure time by using your Leisure Vouchers Shopping for motoring, cycling and golf equipment, music, games, wine or books. If all this seems like too much hard work, why not convert your Leisure Vouchers into pure Relaxation where you'll discover blissful spas, spa hotels, health clubs and pamper treats to delight the senses.

Redemption Instructions Leisure Vouchers are intended for your personal use. Your attention is drawn to the terms and conditions on the back of your Gift Card. We authorise retailers to accept any Gift Card as full or part payment for goods, services and other items, on or before the expiry date of the Gift Card, at participating outlets in the UK.

There is no limit to the number of cards that can be used per transaction.

Terms And Conditions These Terms and Conditions apply to the Leisure Voucher Gift Card. You must read them carefully. They form the contract between you and us governing use of the Gift Card.

In these Terms and Conditions:  
"Cardholder" means the person who purchased the Gift Card and all subsequent Gift Card holders whether registered or not.  
"Denominated Currency" means pounds sterling.  
"Distributor" means Virgin Experience Days Ltd who distribute the Gift Card to you on behalf of Prepay Solutions LTD.  
"Gift Card" means the Leisure Voucher Gift Card issued by Prepay Solutions, 3 Sheldon Square, London, W2 6HY.
"You" and "your" refer to the Cardholder.
"We", "us" or "our" means Prepay Solutions LTD.
"Website" means the website at  

The Gift Card is not covered by the Payment Services Regulations 2009 or the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.   
You are liable for each transaction undertaken on your Gift Card until such time that your Gift Card is cancelled in accordance with section 7 below.
You can download the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions at any time from our Website.  

Contact Customer Services by: ·        
  • Telephone: 0330 111 0600 calls are charged at £0.05 per minute from a BT landline. Available Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) 09:00 to 17:00. ·        
  • Post: Leisure Voucher Gift Cards, Stamford House, Boston Drive, Bourne End, Buck, SL8 5YS. ·        
  • Email: ·        
  • Lost and Stolen Card Line: 0330 111 0600 calls are charged at the BT national rate. Available Monday – Friday (excluding public holidays) 09:00 to 17:00.   
Leisure Voucher Gift Card
The Gift Card is a prepaid payment card which may be used for purchasing goods and services at participating retailers. A full list of retailers can be found at the Website. You cannot use the Gift Card at retailers who do not participate in the Leisure Voucher Gift Card programme. You may use the Gift Card for mail order, telephone or internet purchases at participating retailers, details of which can be found at the Website. You cannot withdraw cash from an ATM. You should not attempt to use the Gift Card at non-participating retailers.   The Gift Card is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. If your Gift Card is reloaded, you will always be given a minimum of 12 months to spend these funds which may extend the validity of the Gift Card past the initial 12-month period.   Your Gift Card is not a credit card and is not in any way connected to your bank account. Funds held by us on your behalf are not deposits and you will not earn any interest on any funds loaded on your Gift Card.  

Purchasing, Loading and Activating Your Prepaid Card
Gift Cards many be purchased via the Website or you may be issued with a Gift Card through a third-party organisation. The Gift Card will be loaded with funds on purchase. Gift Cards can be loaded by contacting customer services. Fees and limits may apply to loads and reloads.   We may require evidence of your identity and your residential address. We may ask you to provide some documentary evidence to prove this and we may carry out checks on you electronically.  

Registering your Gift Card
We recommend that you register your Gift Card as soon as you receive it. You can do this by entering your details at the Website. Once you have registered your Gift Card you can use it to make purchases online at participating retailers, reload funds onto the Gift Card or report it lost or stolen. If you do not report your card lost or stolen, you may lose your money on your Gift Card, in the same way as if you lost cash in your wallet or purse. If you do not register your Gift Card we cannot provide you with these additional services.

Using your Gift Card

Your Gift Card can be used for purchasing goods and services at participating retailers, however, like any payment card we cannot guarantee that a retailer will accept the Gift Card.   A Gift Card transaction will be regarded as authorised by you where you have sufficient balance for the purchase and you follow the instructions provided by the retailer after swiping the magnetic stripe on the Gift Card or by entering the Gift Card details at the retailer's online store if you have registered the Gift Card. Authorisation for a transaction may not be withdrawn (or revoked) by you once we have received it.   Your Gift Card may be used in full or part payment for purchases. In the case of part payments, you will be required to pay for the outstanding amount of the purchase by an alternative method such as cash, debit or credit card. You should notify the retailer that you wish to make a part payment and of the remaining balance on your Gift Card before proceeding with the purchase. Not all retailers support part payments and you should check with the retailer before attempting a part payment.   We will deduct the value of your transactions from the balance on your Gift Card as soon we receive notification of the transaction from the payment scheme network. We will also deduct any applicable fees as soon as they become payable by you.   Your Gift Card is denominated in the Denominated Currency and you can only make transactions in the Denominated Currency.   We recommend that you check the balance and any recent transactions on your Gift Card regularly through the Website or by contacting Customer Services.   Any returns and exchanges for goods purchased will be governed by the policy of the retailer and applicable law. The retailer may not apply a credit to your Gift Card and instead must issue its own note of credit for a refunded item.   If you dispute a transaction that has been processed on your Gift Card you should contact the retailer to resolve the dispute.   We may at any time suspend, restrict or cancel your Gift Card or refuse to issue or replace a Gift Card if we suspect your Gift Card is being used in an unauthorised or fraudulent manner, if you have not complied with these terms and conditions or in the event of exceptional circumstances which prohibit the normal operation of the Gift Cards.  

Cancellation and Refund Process

The purchaser of a Gift Card via the Website is entitled to a 14 day 'Cooling-Off Period'. The Gift Card should be returned to Customer Services unused with your original sales receipt and a full refund will be made (less the postage fee) to the card used to purchase the Gift Card.

Keeping Your Gift Card Secure
You should treat your Gift Card like cash. If it is lost or stolen, you may lose some or all of your money on your Gift Card, in the same way as if you lost cash in your wallet or purse. As a result, you must keep your Gift Card safe and not let anyone else use it. Security information includes your memorable data set up on registration of your Gift Card.   We recommend that you check the balance on your Gift Card regularly through the Website or by calling Customer Services.

Lost, Stolen or Unauthorised Payment

If you have registered your Gift Card and you lose it or it is stolen you must tell us as soon as possible by calling the Lost and Stolen Card Line. Once we have verified that you are the registered Cardholder, we will immediately cancel your Gift Card and will not authorise any further transactions. If, after reporting a lost card, you subsequently find the card you must not use it. Cut it in half through the magnetic strip.   You may request a Replacement Gift Card for which a fee will apply. Any outstanding balance less the Replacement Gift Card Fee will be transferred to the Replacement Gift Card. Requests to replace a Gift Card may be denied at our discretion if we suspect fraudulent or other unlawful activity.

Your Liability
In the event that you do not use your Gift Card in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or we find that you are using the Gift Card fraudulently, we reserve the right to charge you for any reasonable costs that we incur in taking action to stop you using this Gift Card and to recover any monies owed as a result of your activities.   In the unlikely event, for any reason whatsoever, a transaction is completed when there are insufficient funds on the Gift Card for that transaction (a "Shortfall"), the Shortfall shall be reimbursed by you unless it is due to an error on the part of the retailer where the Gift Card was presented, in this circumstance we may seek the Shortfall from the retailer. We reserve the right to charge you an Administration Fee for each transaction that you make using your Gift Card that results in a Shortfall or increases the Shortfall amount on your Gift Card.   You are liable for each transaction undertaken on your Gift Card until such time that your Gift Card is cancelled in accordance with section 7 above.

Our Liability
Like other payment cards, we cannot guarantee a retailer will accept your Gift Card, or that we will necessarily authorise any particular transaction. This may be because of a systems problem, something outside our reasonable control, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, or because we have suspended, restricted or cancelled your Gift Card or refused to replace it in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. We shall not be liable in any event that a retailer refuses to accept your Gift Card, or if we do not authorise a transaction, or if we cancel or suspend use of your Gift Card.   From time to time, your ability to use your Gift Card may be interrupted, e.g. when we carry out maintenance. If this happens, you may be unable (a) to use your Gift Card to pay for purchases and/or (b) to obtain information about the funds available on your Gift Card and/or about your recent transactions. We will not be liable for any loss arising from such interruptions.   Unless otherwise required by law, neither we nor the Distributor shall be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage you may suffer including loss of revenue, goodwill, opportunity or anticipated savings as a result of your total or partial use or inability to use your Gift Card, or the use of your Gift Card by any third party (including any fraudulent use by any third party).   We are not responsible for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services purchased with your Gift Card. Remember that once you have used your Gift Card to make a purchase we cannot stop that transaction.

Changes to These Terms and Conditions
We may change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The most recent version of the Gift Card Terms and Conditions will always be available on the Website. You should check the site regularly for the up to date Terms and Conditions. Unless you tell us that you do not agree to the change prior to the change being effective we will assume you accept such change.

Data Protection
We will process and retain personal data in order to open, administer and run your Gift Card account. We will transfer your personal data within our groups of companies, to the Distributor and to other third parties in order to issue and run your Gift Card. We my transfer your personal data outside the EEA, when we do this we will take steps to ensure that your data is afforded the same level of protection as it would if your data was processed within the EEA.   If you have agreed, we, the Distributor or other third parties may also contact you to let you know about services that are of interest to you. You can contact the Distributor as set out in the Distributor's Privacy Policy if you don't want to receive any marketing materials from the Distributor. You can contact us if you don't want to receive any marketing materials from us or other third parties. We may check personal information with fraud protection agencies and other organisations and we may get information about you from recognised agencies to verify your identity. A record of such enquiries may be left on your file. We will tell fraud prevention agencies if you give us false or inaccurate information and we suspect fraud. We may monitor and/or record telephone calls we have with you to help us maintain and improve the quality of the service we provide to you. If you wish to obtain a copy of your personal data we hold, please contact Customer Services. There will be an Administration Fee to provide this information.

If you are unhappy in any way with your Gift Card or the way it is managed, you can contact Customer Services so we can investigate the circumstances for you. Any complaints you have will be dealt with quickly and fairly.

Governing Law
This Agreement is concluded in English. All communications with you will be in English. These Terms and Conditions will be subject to English law and to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.