Boots - One4All


Product Description

One gift, thousands of choices! The One4all Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. It is a multi-store gift card that can be spent in over 6,000 outlets nationwide and online in selected retail partners.

  • One4all Gift Cards are regulated by the Electronic Money regulations meaning complete peace of mind in terms of the card funds
  • One4all can be spent in 100+ retailers across the UK meaning there really is something for everyone regardless of age, gender or location
  • One4all features well known high street retailers, alongside travel/holidays, restaurants & experiences, providing real trophy value
  • The Gift Card can be spent in-store and online with our participating retailers

Redemption Instructions It is a prepaid card which means that money must be loaded onto the Card at the time of purchase. Once one Business Day has elapsed from the date of purchase, cardholders can use the Card to pay for purchases at participating retailer outlets.

After 18 months of value being loaded to the card, there is a monthly inactive balance charge of £0.90. The One4all Gift Card is available in sterling (£) only. The Card is not a credit card or a charge card; nor is it a debit card linked to a current account. It is a prepaid card which means that money must be loaded onto the Card. The funds lodged to the account can only be used to pay for purchases at Participating Retailers. The Card is issued by GVS Prepaid Limited and is subject to the terms and conditions (
Gift Voucher Shop will provide customer service and certain other administrative functions in respect of the Card programme. Certain limits apply to the Card when issued:
  • The minimum load value is £10 and only full £1 amounts (or multiples thereof) may be loaded onto the Card. The current maximum load is £120.  The maximum spend online per transaction is £40.
  • Interest will not be payable in respect of Card balances. Certain fees and charges apply to the Card; see Section 6. Fees & Charges of the terms and conditions.
 You acknowledge that by applying for a Card you understand and accept that (1) the Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not apply to the Card; and (2) GVS Prepaid Limited keeps all money exchanged for the One4all Gift Card in a bank account which is separate and segregated from the assets of GVS Prepaid Limited. This means, in the unlikely event of GVS Prepaid Limited becoming insolvent your money is protected and will be available for return to cardholders. Please visit for full terms and conditions.