Wedding Gifts: Wowing the happy couple

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If you’ve recently had weddings filling up your diary, you’ll have noticed that wedding gifts are actually becoming more and more difficult to buy than in previous years. It is becoming increasingly common for couples to live together before they get married these days, whereas traditionally, couples would only move in together once they were married, meaning wedding gifts were easy. All they needed was new homeware to fill the cupboards in their new house, so you couldn’t go wrong with a new set of frying pans or bed linen.

This is still the case for some couples, however, so it’s best to double check what they already might own before you start buying wedding gifts. Also, for many weddings these days, couples create lists for you to choose their wedding gifts from. Whilst it’s often best to stick to the list, we know that you’ll also want to give something meaningful to really show the happy couple how pleased you are for them. We’ve put together some ideas for wedding gifts that will make their wedding day even more special.

Things for the home

If you’ve scoured their list of wedding gifts and nothing takes your fancy, or you just want to give them an extra added surprise, something for the home won’t go amiss. Just bear in mind that they might already have some of the essentials, so stick to luxury items or things that they can consume or will need replacing.

These days, you can get subscriptions for wine, flowers, gin; just about anything really! If you’re looking for really thoughtful wedding gifts, setting them up with their favourite tipple for the year will set married life off to a great start. You could also give them the joy of having their home filled with their favourite flowers for the months following their wedding day. Alternatively, you could opt for personalised items such as robes with their initials, or new mugs for the kitchen with their new married names on.

Aside from giving them replica wedding gifts which they already own, the only danger with buying wedding gifts for the home is that they might not like it. We all have different tastes and styles within our homes, so it’s best to play it safe when it comes to homeware wedding gifts. How about getting a homeware or department store gift card so they can start off wedded bliss with all their favourite items of their choosing in their new home?

Things they can do

Often, wedding gifts are material items the new couple can keep or store in their home. These are really meaningful and useful wedding gifts that will be highly appreciated, but after saving for months for their wedding day, there may be some couples who just want to enjoy spending some time trying new experiences together, now they have the time again!

These experiences could be some dates that they haven’t had the time or money to go on in a while, such as a meal out, a cinema voucher, or even a gift card for a spa day. Wedding gifts like these give the newlyweds chance to reconnect after the run-up to their big day, especially now they haven’t got the added stress of organising a wedding to think about.

Alternatively, if you’d like to offer something a bit more extravagant, you could go all out with a night away in a hotel or a getaway for the happy couple. And if you want to give them something that they’ll never forget, how about getting them an experience such as a hot air balloon flight or a night at the theatre? These luxury presents will be experiences of a lifetime, plus it gives them something to look forward to after all the excitement of their wedding day has passed.

If you want your wedding gifts to be really luxurious, you could consider pooling money with friends or family members so you can all give joint wedding gifts that have even greater meaning, to really wow the happy couple.

Things they can keep

Keepsakes are really meaningful wedding gifts for any newly married couple. An incredibly thoughtful option for wedding gifts is to put their invitations into a stylish photo frame for them to display proudly in their home together. You could even consider getting the frame personalised.

A digital photo frame will allow the happy couple to upload all of their wedding photos and have them appear in rotation in their home. These sorts of wedding gifts allow the couple to see reminders of their special day, morning, afternoon, evening; whenever they pass the photo frame.

These wedding gifts are really personal presents that will show the newlyweds what they mean to you. Meaningful keepsakes can be personalised presents which have less of a focus on expense, and more focus on their sentiment. Personalised pieces of art are becoming really popular wedding gifts nowadays. You can find star sign art, story or timeline art and even maps where they can scratch off places they’ve had adventures together. These special artworks allow the newlyweds to decorate their home with meaningful reminders of their relationship.

Wedding gifts can be difficult to decide upon, but with these tricks up your sleeve, you can find the presents that will set married life off to the best start possible. If you want to give them something special, but also want to give them the option to choose something themselves that you know they’ll love for years, gift cards and eGifts are a truly thoughtful way to go. Plus, with eGifts from iGiftie, you can send the newlyweds a heartfelt message, letting them know how happy you are for them and wishing them all the best for their future together.

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