Housewarming Gifts: Offering them something that’ll really make a difference

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Moving house can be a stressful time for anyone, but often, the housewarming gifts received can make the process that little bit more enjoyable. The best housewarming gifts are both practical and sentimental. Giving a gift shows the new homeowner that you’re thinking of them and their new venture, and during this stressful time, they’ll appreciate the gesture as well as the gift, especially when you get them something they’ll actually use!

We’ve put together some ideas for you, so you can choose the perfect housewarming gifts that will take pride of place in their new home.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Way back when, housewarming gifts were certainly useful and sentimental even, but for some reason, people seem to have steered away from the old classics these days. Traditionally when offering someone housewarming gifts, you would give them salt to keep their life flavourful, bread so that their family never go hungry, and a broom to sweep their troubles away. These days, people are after something a little more glamorous to welcome them into their new home. But that’s not to say you can’t get inspiration from this traditional way of warming someone’s new abode with a modernised version of these traditional housewarming gifts. How about some new salt and pepper grinders? A bread maker could go down a treat, or even a new mixing bowl and wooden spoon for them to make their own. You could still go for a broom or another appliance, but make these housewarming gifts more exciting by choosing the colour based on their kitchen’s decor. Alternatively, if you want the new homeowners to be able to get down to the shop easily and stock up on what they really need, a gift card for a supermarket will go a long way towards getting them settled in.

Other popular housewarming gifts include wine (plus the corkscrew to save them rummaging through boxes to try and open the bottle), plants, flowers and candles to give their home a bit of warmth as they unpack.

Useful For Moving Day and Beyond

When the time has come to look for housewarming gifts, it’s hard to know what the new homeowners have already got. There’s no way of being sure what’s been in their bottom drawer waiting to be unveiled, and you don’t know what others have already given. Often the housewarming gifts they’ll be most grateful for on moving day will be easily accessible items that they’re bound to need. Towels and soap need to be within easy reach in case they haven’t been unpacked yet. Tools and teapots are also great housewarming gifts for moving day to see them through the day with a bit of DIY and maybe a biscuit too.

If you’ve not yet visited their new home to help out with the unpacking, housewarming gifts which are a really safe way to go include gift cards for a homeware store or a department store such as John Lewis & Partners. That way, once they’ve unpacked, they can delight in choosing the pieces that will give their new space the finishing touches it needs, thanks to your housewarming gifts. If you really want to turn up with something they can use straight away, tuck the gift cards in with some maps of the area and takeaway menus they can make use of when they’ve not got the time to cook.

Relaxing After Unpacking

They’re bound to need a little treat after the dark cloud of unpacking has stopped hanging over them. When it comes to relaxing housewarming gifts, how about a nice cosy blanket they can cuddle up with on the sofa as they kick back with a well-deserved break? Or, some nice bath salts or bubble bath could help them to de-stress after a long day of sorting and unpacking.

You could also send them a gift card for a restaurant to save them the hassle of cooking on moving day. It’s hard finding the time and space to cook when your belongings are all in boxes, so knowing that someone else has sorted dinner for you with their housewarming gifts will be a weight off their mind. It’ll be good for them to get some space and get out of the house for a bit, so a restaurant gift card is a great way to go.

Sentimental and Meaningful

If you want your housewarming gifts to go a little further towards letting the new homeowner know you’re thinking of them, homemade is the way to go. Freshly baked goods not only give them something tasty to enjoy as they unpack but can also make their space smell nicer and feel more homely. A framed picture of you both is a nice personal touch which they can hang in their new pad to make it seem more like home. Plus, housewarming gifts which are monogrammed or personalised give an added personal touch to make it extra special. The best way to say ‘welcome to your new home’ is with words, and each one of our eGifts can be sent with a customised message straight from you, so you can say happy new home in your own words alongside a gift card that will really make a difference to their first few days somewhere new and unfamiliar.

When making the move into their first home, or from one home to another, the best gift is knowing who’s thinking of you, and who’s there to help when everything gets a little manic. Open the door to iGiftie for eGifts and gift cards that mean they can spruce up their space, ease their hunger or fill their cupboards, so they can start to make their new house into a home.

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