Graduation Presents: Celebrating their achievements

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If someone you know is about to take the plunge from student life into the ‘real world’, giving the right graduation presents offer you the chance to give them the best start possible to their next chapter. There are so many routes you can head down when selecting showstopping graduation presents that will set them up for the next stage in their lives, but how do you choose the right one for the recent graduate in your family?

There are all sorts of aspects to consider when looking for graduation presents; the main thing is knowing what the newly-graduated adult actually likes, but also what steps they plan on taking next. Are they heading off around the world on the holiday of a lifetime, or will they be donning a suit as they cross the threshold into the working world? Whatever their next chapter holds, we can help you to decide on graduation presents that will really set them up nicely for their next adventure.

Something that sparkles

One of the most meaningful graduation presents out there is a piece of jewellery. This could be a watch which they can wear for their new job, or perhaps a necklace which nods to home, wherever they go. A piece that they can wear at all times which reminds them of you, will be so important to them in this next stage in their lives as they venture out into the world on their own for the first time. Carefully selected gift cards from Ernest Jones, Goldsmiths, H Samuel and Swarovski will make truly thoughtful graduation presents and mean your graduate can choose a beautiful piece that will lastfor years to come.

Confidence in clothing

If they’re heading out into the working world for the first time, they’ll need a new wardrobe to tick all the right boxes. Graduation presents are a great excuse to help your recent graduate fill their rails with a stylish collection of professional workwear. Alternatively, they might be planning a big trip away, so they’ll need a suitcase full of holiday gear to make sure they’re fully kitted out and ready for their adventure. With a gift card from iGiftie in hand, there are all sorts of shops you could head to for these kinds of graduation presents, such as Gap, New Look, Next, Peacocks and even Ted Baker. Here, you’ll find the clothes, shoes or bags that will impress on their first day, be that finding their feet in the office or feeling sand between their toes at the beach. Having the clothes that make them feel good will give them the confidence to take on the world and leave their mark, whatever they choose to pursue next.

All the plug-ins for a new home

Post-graduation, your fledgelings could be starting to think about flying the nest, so you’ll want to make sure they’ve got everything they need to fill their new home. Homeware graduation presents let your recent graduate know that you’re there to support them in their next endeavour and offer you the opportunity to give them the best start possible. Coffee makers, pans, cookery books, kettles and even toolkits are all essentials for any new graduates stepping out on their own. These graduation presents can all be bestowed with a gift card from places like Homesense, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis. If you think something technological will be more useful to them, how about an Amazon Echo, a fitness tracker, a kindle or even a camera? These electrical graduation presents will all help them to settle in their own home, ready for a fresh start.

The everyday essentials

Graduation presents that will really make a difference are often those that are genuinely useful gifts that will make them feel prepared for their next steps. Influential books are great graduation presents to give your recently graduated loved one confidence as well as inspiration to embark on the next part of their journey. You can now get National Book Tokens as a gift card from iGiftie, so they can choose the topic of their next read, and perhaps even take it on holiday with them. Other handy items like wallets and even stationery also make great graduation presents, letting them feel ready to tackle whatever challenges they’re about to face. Gift cards for places like John Lewis and even supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s are great for kitting them out with graduation presents that will make a real difference as they set out on their own.

The key to finding impactful graduation presents is to pinpoint something that they really need and pair it with something they would be truly excited to receive. One way of guaranteeing this golden gift is with a thoughtfully chosen gift card, sent with a personalised message. Over at iGiftie, we’ve got all sorts of gift cards and eGifts for you to show your recent graduate how far they’ve come and the goals you believe they can achieve. What’s more, each of our eGifts can be sent with a personalised message, so your newly graduated family member knows how proud they’ve made you. Take a look at iGiftie’s vast selection of gift cards to send graduation presents which will give them the confidence to conquer their next chapter.

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