Christmas Is Coming: Gifts for grandad that’ll leave him grinning

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Gifts for grandad certainly shouldn’t be forgotten this year. Although there might not be anything he asks for, that’s no reason why your gifts for grandad this year shouldn’t be special treats for him.

Even if there’s nothing he needs, there’ll be plenty of gifts for grandad that’ll leave him with a grin on his face this Christmas. Whether it’s a treat to eat or a reminder of a special memory, gifts for grandad don’t need to cost the earth. Just put in a little bit of thought and your Christmas gifts for grandad will make his day. That’s why we’ve explored some ideas as to how you can treat your grandad this festive season.

Something To Wear

One of the most useful gifts for grandad is something cosy he can wear that’ll keep him snug over the winter season. If you’re on the lookout for gifts for grandad that he can wear on the big day itself, then pick out a new tie for him that’ll make him look and feel the part when Christmas morning comes around. Socks also make excellent gifts for grandad. Everyone always seems to need a few new pairs of socks at Christmas time, so stock him up for the whole year with some brand new socks, without the holes.

Christmas is all about comfort, so when you’re shopping for gifts for grandad, there’s nothing better than a lovely pair of slippers that’ll keep his toes warm as he relaxes at home in front of the fire. He’ll also need a fluffy new dressing gown to go with them, to make those winter nights seem a lot more warming. These sorts of gifts for grandad could also even include a new pair of Christmas pyjamas. Everybody enjoys a fresh new pair of pyjamas when the nights are getting chilly, so make sure your grandad is kitted out with all the comfy and cosy gear he’ll need to make the winter months bearable.

If he still enjoys getting out and about in the great outdoors, then your gifts for grandad could include a new hat to make sure he’s looked after when he’s out in the elements. Throw in a matching scarf and pair of gloves too to give your gifts for grandad some extra thought this Christmas. Not sure what winter wear he’s already got? Send him a gift card for a department store and when the sales hit, take him out to the shops to help him choose something that’ll see him through the winter.

Something To Do

If your grandpa can’t get out as much as he used to be able to, there’s no reason why your gifts for grandad can’t help him have a lot more fun indoors. At Christmas time, there’s nothing better than a few family games around the table. How about getting your grandad a new board game to have a go at, or even go for a new version of one of the old classics. His will likely be getting a little tired by now, so he’ll love a brand new version to get stuck into during the festivities.

Your gifts for grandad could also include something to read. A new book about something he’s interested in will let him curl up for hours in front of the fire, engrossed in a new novel. If he perhaps can’t read quite as much these days, gifts for grandad could include a magazine subscription about something he loves. This way, he can dip in and out of the magazine over the month and then when he’s finished, a shiny new one will be sent to his doorstep!

Just because grandad can’t run and jump about quite as much as he used to, doesn’t mean his brain isn't still as active as it’s always been. What makes great gifts for grandad are puzzles and brainteasers to keep his mind fit. You could go for a jigsaw puzzle or a logic puzzle book. There are also several games he can play by himself to keep his mind agile.

If you want to go all out on your gifts for grandad and get him something that can keep him occupied and entertained all year long, then treat him to something like a tablet. You may have to spend some time teaching him how to use it, but time together is one of the greatest gifts for grandad anyway. Plus, once he’s learned all the tricks a tablet can do, your grandad can watch videos, read the news, play games and much much more, all on one tiny tablet.

Something Sentimental

When it comes to gifts for grandad, he’ll rarely ask for much, but what he will really appreciate will be something sentimental that’ll remind him of his family and the memories you all share together. Your gifts for grandad could include a framed picture of him and you, perhaps one when you were first born, or a recent memory that you’ve shared together. You can even now design calendars where you can choose a different photograph from your collection for every single month, letting him recall a fond memory every time he turns a page over.

Sentimental gifts for grandad that he’ll get a lot of use out of include a digital photo frame. You could load it up with different photographs every few months, and a series of photographs will appear in a sequence. He’ll love to watch the photographs appear, letting him reminisce about all the quality time you’ve spent together over the years.

You could also delve deep into your family history when you’re on the search for gifts for grandad. Do a bit of research and you’ll find you can create a family tree, showing where your family has come from and reminding your grandad of all the relatives he’s seen and heard of in his time.

Personalising your presents is a really sentimental touch that grandad will love. Sending a personal message alongside your gift will see his face light up on Christmas morning, and you can do just that with all of our eGifts. Simply choose an eGift for a department store or multi-retailer store, and watch him get excited about going out to choose a gift with you. He’ll love it even more when he sees your heartfelt message pop up too. Head over to iGiftie to choose some gifts for grandad that’ll make his day and his year.

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