Celebrating Love: Sending engagement gifts that show your excitement

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So someone you know has either just popped the question or just said ‘yes’, and no doubt, the engagement gifts will soon be flooding in. But when it comes to engagement gifts, how do you choose what to get and how much to spend, all the while making sure you still show how excited you are for the happy couple?

We’ve put together some ideas to help you decide on the engagement gifts that are sure to bring smiles to their faces as they embark upon their next chapter together.

Engagement Etiquette

When you get an invitation through to an engagement party, the first thing to remember is that engagement gifts are not required, and rarely expected by the soon-to-be-wedded couple. Opting to give engagement gifts is totally at your discretion, but if you do decide to offer them a present to show your excitement, something small and sentimental is usually the best way to go.

Another avenue to explore is token engagement gifts which allow the couple to celebrate now, without having to wait until the actual wedding to bask in their engagement glory. Choose something that they can enjoy together, whether it’s popping a bottle of bubbly at home, or getting out of the house for a romantic meal to ease the stress of wedding planning! You don’t need to spend a fortune on engagement gifts; after all, you’ve still got the wedding coming up too, but a small gift with a lot of thought and meaning behind it will go a long way towards showing your joy at the happy couple’s news.

Celebrating Straight Away

When a couple gets engaged, the first thing they want to do is celebrate with each other and all those closest to them, but weddings can often be a year or even longer to wait until they can celebrate their love for one another. Sending engagement gifts means they can celebrate with each other soon after one of them pops the question.

Sending a bottle of wine or something fizzy gives them the chance to toast to themselves and the occasion, as they ooze excitement for their big day. You could even send along some personalised champagne glasses for them to enjoy their celebrations in style. Sending flowers allows the newly-engaged couple to physically see the joy their news has brought their friends and family, all around their house.

If you want to push the boat out a little further, eGifts from iGiftie will give the happy couple the chance to shop together for their perfect engagement gifts. Whether it’s an eGift for homeware or for a stylish new haircut in time for the engagement party, iGiftie has you covered for engagement gifts that allow them to get celebrating right away! What’s more, each one of our eGifts can be sent alongside a personal message, so you can tell the newly-engaged couple just how happy their news has made you.

Preparing for the Big Day and Beyond

The first thing the newly-engaged couple will need is a ring dish or box. Although they’ll want to keep rings on fingers all day, every day, there will come some occasions when the rings need to be removed, and they’ll need to be sure of somewhere safe to put the ring or rings they have given each other. Nobody wants to be losing an engagement ring, so a beautiful and even personalised ring dish will make a handy and stylish gift for their home.

There’s one thing every engaged couple needs to do, and that’s prepare for all the planning that’s about to ensue. When it comes to engagement gifts, a wedding planning book not only makes a really thoughtful present but will also make life a lot easier for them over the coming months. Money boxes are also really thoughtful engagement gifts, showing the couple you’re helping them to prepare financially by handing them a box for them to stash their savings, and make budgeting that little bit easier.

Beauty gift cards are also great engagement gifts for both the love birds. They’ll want to be sure that they’re looking at their best in time for their big day, so keeping on top of manicures and haircuts means they’ll both be looking refreshed and dapper by the time those wedding bells start ringing.

Experiences to Remember

The happy couple has made the decision to get married because they want to experience life together, so one of the most thoughtful engagement gifts you could offer is an experience. This could be a high-thrill skydive where the couple will have the opportunity to feel the rush of adrenaline together or perhaps a spa day would better suit the engaged couple in your life, giving them the time to let off some steam together, easing the stress of planning a wedding.

Gift cards for top restaurants are also excellent engagement gifts. These will make sure their lives aren’t consumed by wedding planning, giving them the opportunity to get out on a date together and celebrate this new chapter in their lives.

Whatever you choose to go for, if your engagement gifts come from the heart, then you can’t go wrong. Over at iGiftie, we’ve got the eGifts and gift cards that are sure to make highly appreciated engagement gifts; whether it’s a brand new hairdo for the occasion or dinner out to celebrate together. This is an exciting time in their lives as well as yours, so choose iGiftie to make celebrating straight away possible with meaningful engagement gifts.

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