New Baby Gifts to Welcome Them Into the World

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New baby gifts are a lovely way to welcome the little ones into the world and into our lives, but how do we find the gifts that will make all the difference to the new parents? There are all sorts of avenues to explore when it comes to new baby gifts. You could go for something for the baby themselves such as a soft toy or cuddly blanket. You could try and make life easier for the new parents with baby monitors and skincare products. Or, you could opt for keepsakes that both baby and parents will treasure for years to come.

Gifts for Babies

New baby gifts should in theory be very easy to buy. Newborn babies haven’t formed their own hobbies and interests yet, so it’s pretty much impossible to get them something they won’t like. New baby gifts that they will hopefully come to like in the coming weeks and months are cuddly toys and blankets to give them a source of comfort they can always turn to. Mobiles are also really lovely presents for babies to get lost in as they lay beneath them. Some even have soothing sounds which can be played to the little ones which can help to calm them down and send them off to sleep..

Whilst newborns can’t get very much use out of toys and rattles, they’ll soon be trying to discover and learn at every opportunity, so getting these kinds of new baby gifts will be really appreciated by baby in the coming months. Play-gyms are also really exciting new baby gifts, offering all sorts of shapes to look at and textures to explore.

Whilst babies might not appreciate fashion and style quite yet, they’ll certainly appreciate the warmth and softness of clothes and the dryness that bibs help them to maintain. Babies can get through an alarming number of bibs in one day, so a nice stock of these as new baby gifts certainly won’t go amiss. When it comes to clothes, newborn clothes are lovely, but also bear in mind that the little ones will grow out of those faster than you can blink, so clothes for 1-3 months or even 3-6 months will be really useful for when they’re a little bit older.

If you’re not sure which route to head down with your new baby gifts, gift cards are a lovely gesture which mean the new parents can choose the new baby gifts that they feel their little one most needs.

Gifts to Make Life Easier for Parents

There are all sorts of new baby gifts that are designed to make life easier for parents. As they delve into this new chapter in their lives, there will be all sorts of hurdles which they hadn’t envisaged, and with the right new baby gifts from their loved ones, they will be better prepared for every situation which arises.

Every new parent needs a trusty bag of tricks. You could even fill one with everything they might need when they’re out and about; nappies, wipes, bibs, creams, it’s surprising how many things such a small person needs!

Baby monitors can be life-saving new baby gifts for parents. Keeping eyes awake and on their baby every hour of the day is impossible, but a good baby monitor gives those new parents the peace of mind that their little one is safe and sound when they’re asleep. Other really handy additions to the new baby gifts that parents will receive are baby carriers, slings, car mirrors and even skincare products.

If you want your new baby gifts to be that bit more personal, how about giving the new parents some vouchers from yourself for babysitting, or cooking dinners to help them settle into their new life of increased responsibility.

If the new parents you know are being inundated with new baby gifts, perhaps the safest way to go is a gift card for a department store or a supermarket. This way, they can use your kind gesture to buy the things they really need; even if it is just hundreds of baby wipes!


One of the most meaningful new baby gifts to parents is the keepsakes that they can hold on to for their little ones. Photo frames are a really thoughtful gift. You could even get a photo printed of their new addition to slide in there before you give it to them. It’s quite unlikely that they will have had the time to go and print photos of their new bundle of joy themselves! You could also opt for a memory book, in which the new parents can note down all of their child’s achievements right up until they are 1, 2 or even 5 years old!

Milestone age blocks and milestone cards are also really popular new baby gifts these days. With these in hand, the new parents can photograph their little one as they reach particular milestones, so when they’re a bit older, they can all look back and see how much their tiny baby has grown and developed.

With all new baby gifts, it’s often the thought that counts, but if you really nail this gift, the parents will be thanking you for years to come. It’s hard to know what they’ve already been bought. Plus, if they’ve already got a toddler running around, chances are when the new baby comes along, they’ll already have a lot of what they need. One way to guarantee that you get them something they’ll appreciate and love is by handing them a gift card. This could be for a toy shop, a clothes shop, a department store or even a supermarket. All these places have a multitude of new baby gifts to choose from, so parents and baby can settle smoothly into this next stage of their lives. Take a look at iGiftie to choose from our selection of eGifts and gift cards that mean both baby and parents will cherish your new baby gifts for years to come!

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